Loss of Consortium and How it is Calculated

Loss of Consortium is one of the many ways that you and your loved ones are compensated following a wreck. After all, you are not the only family member who suffers from pain, suffering, and emotional distress following a wreck. When you are hurt, it affects your loved ones as well; especially your spouse. When the relationship between you and your spouse is impacted by your injury following a wreck, it is called loss of consortium. Specifically, the law looks to the loss of “companionship, affection, and all other value that arises out of the marriage” when determining the amount of the loss of consortium claim.

Determining the value of a loss of consortium claim is no easy task. There is no simple mathematical formula to determine loss of consortium. It is important for an attorney to be able to both understand and explain you and your loved one’s life to an adjuster, opposing attorney, judge, and jury. To be able to do this, your attorney must have taken the time to speak with you and your loved ones about how your wreck has impacted not only you, but your family. That is why choosing a personal injury attorney who will listen to and understand you and your loved ones on a personal level is so important. At Weaver Law Firm, we pride ourselves not only on our legal experience and ability, but also on our personability and compassion. Our attorneys take the time to speak with our clients personally so that they can better understand their case and better understand them as people. Many aspects of a personal injury case come down to how well the attorney knows their client, and at Weaver Law Firm, we make sure to take that time.

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