If you ride a motorcycle you'll need more insurance than most.

Updated: Aug 28

On August 14, 2020, shortly before 9:00 pm, a motorcycle rider in Roswell was killed when his bike struck another vehicle. Roswell Police shut down Alpharetta Highway in both directions near its intersection with Commerce Parkway for three hours. While the motorcyclist was killed, there is no mention of any injuries to anyone riding in the vehicle.

The fact that the motorcycle rider was killed while no injuries were reported for the vehicle occupants highlights the need for additional insurance coverage for anyone owning or riding a motorcycle. While most motorcycles cost significantly less than a car or truck, the dangers posed to a motorcyclist are exponentially higher than those to a passenger in a traditional vehicle. If you or a loved one are injured while riding a motorcycle, your medical bills will likely be much higher than if you were a passenger in a car. It is absolutely necessary to not only make sure that you and your loved ones have adequate insurance protections for yourself, but also sufficient uninsured motorist coverage to make up any shortcoming for all the drivers out on the roads with minimal insurance. Or worse yet, no insurance at all.

As fall approaches, and the temperatures begin to fall, many more people in the North Georgia area will take to the road to see more of our beautiful state. Make sure that you and your loved ones are protected not only with sufficient insurance, but with a law firm that treats its clients with care, respect, and the attention every client deserves.

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