Don’t Get Caught in Another Speed Trap When Paying a Traffic Ticket

Should I Pay a Georgia Speeding Ticket Online?

Trey Bennett, Attorney

One of the most popular questions I get asked as an attorney is:

“Should I pay my speeding ticket online?”

My answer is always the same: “It depends.”

City and county governments absolutely love it when drivers pay their tickets online. These online payments mean fast, easy cash for them, so they will often make it extremely convenient for a driver to submit payment.

Obviously, paying online can be easier for drivers too. And sometimes, it can be the best option depending on the circumstances. Nobody likes to take off of work or school and go sit around a court house for half of a day just to ultimately pay a big fine in the end anyway.

Unfortunately, what many drivers don’t understand, is that an online payment is actually a guilty plea to a minor criminal offense. There can be serious consequences that result from just paying a fine and moving on.

If you’re under 21, from out of state, possess a CDL license, or have prior tickets, these consequences can be especially severe—even to the point of causing your license to be suspended. Paying online can also cause you to be labeled as a “Georgia Super Speeder,” which will result in the State of Georgia sending you an additional ticket in the mail which must be paid in order to prevent your license from being suspended.

If you’ve recently been pulled over, call Weaver Law Firm. Myself, or another member of our team of former traffic prosecutors are ready to help you.


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