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Posts tagged "Motorcycle Accidents"

Defensive driving techniques for Georgia motorcycle riders

In the Georgia heat, there are few better ways to cool off than to mount a motorcycle and get the wind in your face. The last thing you want is for a negligent motorist to spoil your fun and endanger your life by involving you in a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, these crashes do happen and they all too often lead to catastrophic injuries.

Being more visible can help you avoid motorcycle accidents

As the temperatures begin to climb, it is a sure bet that motorcycle enthusiasts will be more eager to ride than ever. Georgia offers the perfect environment in which to enjoy riding, especially when it really gets hot outside. Nothing can cool you down quite as well as riding a motorcycle.

Tips to maximize your motorcycle accident insurance compensation

Victims of motorcycle accidents typically suffer serious personal injury and massive property damage. Receiving the maximum amount of compensation possible replaces out-of-pocket expenses and enables victims to pay for much-needed medical care. However, insurance companies want to make money and do not like to let it slip out of their fingers.

Forget these myths to stay safe when motorcycle season arrives

Believe it or not, winter will fade and warm summer weather will invade Georgia in the near future. For those who enjoy riding motorcycles, this is welcome news. As you know, summer is great for cycling, but it is also the prime season for motorcycle accidents as well.

Fight the stigma attached to people who ride motorcycles

Most motorcycle riders are only out trying to have a good time. They are usually very safe drivers who follow all of the rules of the road. Unfortunately, other drivers might not reciprocate this. We realize that you never expected that an irresponsible driver would slam into you while you were out on the open road.

What are some common dangers for motorcyclists?

Whether you ride a motorcycle for fun or for your everyday needs, the dangers are always present. It doesn't matter how safe you are or how many safety measures you enact, dangers lurk around every curve for motorcyclists. So, what are some of the most common dangers motorcyclists face on the roads of Georgia?

Tips for protecting yourself when riding a motorcycle

The next time you hop on your motorcycle, be sure to follow the safety tips outlined in this post in order to keep yourself as safe as possible. Keep in mind that riding a motorcycle is one of the most dangerous ways to commute to work or school, which is why safety should be your No. 1 priority.

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