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Posts tagged "Family Law"

Family law: Addressing issues related to marriage annulment

What is marriage annulment? Put simply, it is a legal process that erases a marriage as if it never happened. For many Georgia couples navigating the deep waters of family law and divorce, annulment sounds like a dream come true. Unfortunately, not just any couple can have a marriage annulled.

What you need to know about Georgia protective orders

It is a sad fact that family violence runs rampant across the United States. Many social and economic issues contribute to this violence, including the sudden loss of a job or even the topic of divorce. Some people who lack appropriate coping skills may lash out violently when facing adversity. Whatever its cause, domestic violence threatens many lives and families in the state of Georgia.

What benefits does paternity establishment give mothers and kids?

Many Georgia couples choose to have children without getting married. Sometimes, these unmarried relationships will last forever and everyone involved—including children—live happily ever after for the most part. Other times, the blissful feelings a couple experiences fade away and one or both parties decide to break the relationship. This is where the trouble for unmarried parents often begins.

Modifying your child custody order

For many parents, the custody order that makes sense in the middle of a divorce or the order that a court hands down simply does not work for one or both of them as each party makes its way into raising a child separately. In some cases, however, it is possible to modify an existing custody order, depending on the reasons for the modification and the position of each parent on it.

Explaining common family legal issues

A family can be a blessing for many and more of a problem for some. Family law is an intricate issue that encompasses quite a few different subjects. When you are involved in a family law issue, it's best to work with a family law attorney who has the experience necessary to handle your case. Here are some common family law legal issues in Gainesville.

Using virtual visitation in child custody agreement

When two parents enter into a child custody agreement, both will look for different ways to receive the better end of the deal. What many parents forget is that these agreements are tough on their children and should be created with only one goal in mind: the best interests of the children. Here's how virtual visitation can help in a child custody agreement.

Overview of Georgia's child support guidelines

Like many other states, Georgia has child support guidelines so that courts can, hopeful, fairly and uniformly order child support so that parents who have to pay, or who will receive, child support feel that they are being treated equally. While not every child support case is exactly the same as another, having a uniform process still, hopefully, increases confidence in the judicial system.

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