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Posts tagged "Dog Bites"

Dog bites in the nation: Statistics worth knowing

If you spend time in any of the neighborhoods across Gainesville, you will see many dogs. The vast majority of people love dogs and welcome one or more of them into the family unit. It is probably safe to say that most family dogs are friendly and loveable, but it is also important to recognize that some animals can and do attack, often without warning.

How to care for a dog bite injury

A dog is man's best friend but every now and then a dog will snap and bite someone. You should always seek medical attention following a dog bite. Even if the bite seems to be minor, a medical professional will be able to provide you with excellent care. Here are some tips for caring for a dog bite injury in Gainesville.

100-pound dog involved in 'vicious' attack

A 50-year-old woman who was walking an American Bulldog down the street was attacked by the dog and left with serious injuries. The incident occurred in Port Salerno, where the dog lunged after a rabbit, thus pulling the woman to the ground. The 100-pound American Bulldog then attacked the woman. She was able to crawl her way to a fenced in area that protected her from the dog's attacks.

Not every Georgia dog is a peach

Most dog owners understand the heavy responsibility they bear in caring for their pets. They know they have a moral obligation to provide adequate food, water and shelter. Society also expects dog owners to have their animals properly vaccinated and to provide suitable attention to socialize them. Many go above and beyond those minimum requirements, elevating their pets to the level of family members and lavishing them with more affection than some humans receive.

What should I do after a dog bite?

Dogs are truly man's best friend but not all of them are sweet, calm and nice. There are dogs out there who are not trained properly, or who have a temper. Dogs will bite, some playfully and others in an effort to harm their victims. So, what should you do after a dog bite in Gainesville?

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