While the experienced attorneys at Weaver Law Firm are efficient transactional attorneys, it’s important to know we are also skilled litigators. If you are facing a lawsuit that requires a jury trial, we have the expertise to successfully argue in court. In fact, our track record has proven our finesse in the courtroom time and again.

Clients facing a jury trial are confident of and comfortable with our litigators not only because of their proven experience. Our clients quickly understand that we, as your lawyers, are first and foremost committed to serving your best interests. That means quickly returning phone calls, answering emails and ensuring you feel comfortable with the decisions made about your case.


When you enter into a binding contract, you expect the other side to fulfill its obligation. When it doesn’t happen, however, you need a lawyer to protect your interests. At Weaver Law Firm, our extensive experience with breach of contract and contract dispute resolution has made us the preferred Georgia contract lawyer. We understand all facets of contract laws and will help you recover damages other entitlements.

Our contract dispute work ranges from large corporations to individuals or sole proprietorship. Whatever your situation, we will utilize our decades of experience to resolve your contract dispute with as little impact as possible to your bottom line.


In business, disputes and challenges are bound to arise that cannot be managed without the help of legal counsel. If you find yourself in one of these situations and need a business litigator to help you resolve the issue, contact the attorneys at Weaver Law Firm.

We act as large or small business lawyers to help resolve business matters such as contracts, non-competes, real estate disputes, fraud and theft, infringement disputes, billing/collections, fair business practices and more. We are experienced business litigators who work to present the most effective argument possible before a judge or jury. However, when alternative dispute resolution, including mediation or arbitration, is in your best interest, we can also help you resolve disputes without a trial.


Whether simple or complex, wills and estate planning are a personal matter that requires a knowledgeable lawyer who will ensure your wishes are carried out. At Weaver Law Firm, our lawyers understand that your hard earned legacy is important and we work to preserve it through wills and estate planning that minimizes estate taxes and gift taxes while maximizing the inheritance for your beneficiaries.

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