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Domestic Violence Archives

Domestic violence has profound impact on children

Domestic violence is one of these things that people rarely talk about. It is often hidden behind closed doors and victims are often afraid to speak out for fear of being left by their significant other, being abused further, or subjecting their children to additional traumatic experiences. However, it is for these reasons that those who are in an abusive relationship need to think about the best way to end their marriage so that they can ensure their safety, future well-being and future financial security.

How does domestic violence affect children?

Many people in Georgia settle their disputes through violence. This is not the best way to settle disputes though and that is why it is illegal. People who harm others can be charged with a number of different crimes depending on the severity of the violence used in a particular incident. This violence is used in confrontations with strangers as well as those who live in the same home as the perpetrator or are in a familial relationship with the victim.

Statistics on domestic violence are alarming

A few weeks ago we mentioned Georgia's efforts to further protect victims of domestic violence by barring convicted offenders from owning or possessing firearms. Regardless of where you stand on the issue of gun control, the facts are alarming. For example, in 2014, according to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence, two thirds of all domestic violence incidents that ended in death involved a firearm. Furthermore, Georgia ranks ninth in the United States in domestic violence incidences of women killed by men. Overall, in 2013 there were nearly 30,000 victims who sought help at domestic violence service locations.

How does one obtain a family violence protection order?

Unfortunately, many people resort to violence when they are upset with family members in Georgia. This is not acceptable at all and can be extremely detrimental for the victims emotionally, physically and psychologically. The law takes this seriously and tries to protect the victims. In addition to being able to file criminal charges against the perpetrators of the domestic violence, the victims can also file for a family violence protection order.

Bill would take guns from perpetrators of domestic abuse

People who are in relationships will inevitably get into a fight at some point in time. Generally these are verbal arguments about things that annoy each other or things they would like their partner to change. Usually, they remain strictly heated exchanges of words from which the couple can move on. However, this is not always the case, and in many relationships, these fights move past verbal altercations, turn physical and cause emotional stress in addition to the physical injuries.

Georgia teens can be domestic violence victims too

This blog has previously discussed the fact that many victims of domestic violence have difficulty seeing that they have options to get out of their bad relationships. This can be especially true of victims who are teenagers. With nearly one-and-a-half million teens being victims of dating violence each year, which is approximately one in three, domestic violence aid groups use February to raise awareness of this important problem.

Don't become part of a domestic violence pattern

It is in our intimate relationships that human beings generally feel the most vulnerable. For most people, being with a spouse or domestic partner creates the opportunity for shared joys and the easing of pain through the sharing of burdens and support through difficult times. Unfortunately, for too many Georgia residents, the same vulnerability that can give rise to wonderful feelings also creates an opportunity for their partners to cause great harm.

Georgia domestic violence can include sexual abuse

We've discussed several facets of domestic violence in prior entries, including how certain forms of emotional abuse can be part and parcel of a pattern of domestic violence, and should be identified as such. Unfortunately, in many cases, people are often reticent to speak up about being victims, whether due to fear, shame, or the idea that there's nothing they can do. This can be especially true when the abuse includes a very private area of a victim's life, such as sexual activity.

What is 'expressive aggression' in Georgia domestic violence?

Many Georgia residents likely think of domestic violence in the traditional sense of physical violence. Indeed, many individuals who live with domestic abusers experience the effects of a partner who will lash out physically for any or no discernable reason. However, it is an unfortunate fact of the pattern of domestic abuse that physical violence is only one part of the environment in which abuse victims live.

What can a Domestic Violence Protection Order do in Georgia?

Just like many other states, Georgia has a law that attempts to address one of the more prevalent problems in American society: domestic violence. This statute, known as the "Family Violence Act," is meant to help protect those individuals who have been victims of violence or abuse by a family member or member of their households. One of the ways that the law does this is by promulgating a type of order that can be issued by a court for the purpose of protecting a potential domestic violence victim.

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