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When another driver's distraction becomes your problem

If you're one of many Georgia residents who happens to be a parent, you've likely cautioned your children many times, especially in their toddler years, when they were about to do things that placed their safety at risk. For instance, you might recall warning your little ones not to touch electrical outlets or put things into their mouths that they randomly picked up off the floor. It's too bad you can't do the same with your fellow motorists while driving.

Perform your own safety check before choosing a day care facility

It is not unnatural for parents to feel anxious and even overwhelmed at the prospect of leaving a child at a day care facility. Both parents in many Georgia families work outside the home, and making the right choice when it comes to childcare is vital. The most appropriate way to approach this dilemma might be to be proactive and question the safety procedures of all potential care providers.

Don't go soft on the one who has caused your soft-tissue injury

Your morning trip to work started as any other ordinary work commute. You used the radio to pacify you amid the constant stopping and starting in rush-hour traffic. Then, another car unexpectedly crashed into you from behind, and you felt pain. Your seemingly ordinary trip has just become extraordinary -- for all of the wrong reasons.

Bad weather and big trucks: making the roads safer for everyone

Big trucks can spell big danger for everyone on Georgia roads when truckers make poor decisions behind the wheel. The men and women who drive semitrailers have a special responsibility to drive carefully and safely in all conditions, but this is especially true when the weather is bad or they are driving in unfamiliar areas.

Is your child safe at day care?

Your decision to find a day care provider for your children was likely a very personal one. If you struggled over the choice, you are in good company. However, you may have known from the beginning that your children would go to day care, and maybe you even had one picked out months before your child was born.

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