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Aftermarket mods for your motorcycle you should skip

Aftermarket modifications can make your motorcycle look awesome, but they can also put your life in danger. Some mods are totally harmless, but there are some aftermarket products you should skip.

1. Cheap hand levers

There are some great hand levers out there, and it's possible to find a cheap set that looks great. Unfortunately, a lot of the cheap ones come out of China, and they're made with inexpensive aluminum. That makes them somewhat less-than-durable when you pull on them, which could put you in serious danger if they happen to crack while you're in motion. The possibility of being thrown from your bike is quite real, so save up for the expensive, reliable ones instead.

2. Poor-quality windshields

It's a prominent part of your bike, so you may want to replace it with something customized. You may just want to quickly replace one that has lost its shine due to age. Unfortunately, there are a lot of poor-quality windshields on the market. They can end up reducing your visibility and make it easier to wreck your bike. Stick with a windshield from the original manufacturer instead.

3. Light handlebar weights

You handlebar weights are designed to absorb vibration and serve as a crash pad if you take a fall. Lighter weights might have a cooler appearance, but they won't provide the balance you need or give you any cushion during a spill. The imbalance they cause may also make it harder to stay upright.

4. Bad grips

Your handlebar grips are also important. Although they tend to wear out quickly, don't replace them with cheap versions. Stick with the pricier models that won't start rolling around on you or get sticky as soon as your hands get hot. Otherwise, you could lose control going around a curve or making a turn in traffic.

Motorcycle accidents caused by defective aftermarket products of any sort can leave you battered, broken and in desperate financial straits. An attorney can help you determine who might be liable for your injuries and hold them accountable.

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