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Children's parties and trampolines: Not always a good combination

If your child is old enough to receive party invitations, your life has likely gotten a lot busier than you'd ever imagined it could. Kids nowadays often go all out for their birthdays, with some families renting bounce houses or ponies for their festivities. Then again, you may be among many Georgia parents who prefer simple affairs, with backyard fun and games. 

Many families have trampolines in their backyards. However, not every family adheres to recommended safety rules for such activities. What happens if your son or daughter goes to a birthday party and jumps on a trampoline with the other guests, then suffers an injury? Who should be responsible for the medical expenses? If the parents or legal guardians of the household failed to keep their guests safe, you may have some legal decisions to make. In such circumstances, knowing where to seek support is a critical factor

Parents hosting a party should focus on these issues 

When you entrust your child to another parent's care, you have the right to expect that parent to keep your son or daughter out of harm's way. If a party is going on and kids are jumping on a trampoline, the parent in charge should be mindful of the following safety tips: 

  • If your child is age five or under, the parent in charge should not allow him or her on the trampoline at all. 
  • Injuries often occur when multiple children simultaneously jump on a trampoline instead of jumping one at a time. 
  • Kids often think it's fun to try to somersault or flip while jumping on a trampoline but such acrobatic moves place them at great risk for injury. 
  • If the trampoline at the party your child is attending is wet, the parent in charge should close it down to guests until it is dry. 
  • Trampolines should always be erected in areas that are free from hazards, such as bushes, trees, yard equipment or debris. 
  • The parents or legal guardians should keep at least eight feet of area surrounding the trampoline clear from all hazardous materials.  

There are other safety rules regarding trampoline installation and safety equipment. If children are permitted to jump without caution or proper supervision, they might collide, slip or fall and suffer injury. There have even been cases where teenagers and younger children have died after falling off trampolines or landing wrong while doing stunts. If your child survives a trampoline injury at a party hosted by another parent, you may want to investigate whether adult negligence was a factor.  

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