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Watch for these warning signs of a possible dog attack

Summer in Georgia means the increased presence of dogs in most communities. People love their dogs and usually don't expect them to attack or bite people. However, dog bites do happen, leaving victims, owners and bystanders in shock about what just happened.

As you may already know, dog bites can be quite serious. Along with deep punctures, slashes and tearing of tissue, dangerous infection of the bite wound is a real possibility. All of these injuries require medical attention, even if only to rule out disease, infection or any injury complications that might occur.

Medical attention is also important if the victim plans to seek legal action against the owner of the attacking dog. A complete record of medical care related to the dog bite supports a victim's claims. Further, this documentation helps courts identify the proper amount of recompense the victim deserves.

Most people would say that it is impossible to know when a dog is about to attack or bite, but there are ways to identify this behavior in certain cases. Here are some warning signs to help you spot an imminent dog attack before it occurs.

  • Direct eye contact from the animal often precedes an attack
  • If the dog shows you its front teeth, it may be about to bite
  • Low-pitched rumbling growls are a common sign of dog attacks
  • A stiff, wagging tail may also indicate a dog intends to bite

Slowly back away from any dog exhibiting the above indicators. If the animal attacks anyway and you suffer dog bites, do not hesitate to seek medical care. Because medical expenses can be extremely costly, a successful injury claim provides you with the financial compensation to cover your health care needs. To determine whether you have grounds to file such a claim, consider talking with a legal professional.

Source: PetFul, "Warning Signs That a Dog Might Bite," Clarissa Fallis, accessed June 15, 2018

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