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Hands-on approach crucial to successful truck accident claims

Any motor vehicle accident claim comes with complications, but truck accidents are among the most complex personal injury cases. In most accident claims involving tractor-trailer vehicles, more than one person may be at fault.

For example, if a trucking company pressures its drivers into dangerous behaviors, a victim may seek compensation from the driver, his or her employer or sometimes both. In another example, a faulty auto part may be the main cause of the truck accident, placing the highest degree of fault with the part manufacturer.

We want to ensure that accident victims in Georgia understand that all truck accidents are different and unique. This means that no cookie-cutter solution exists for victims. Our lawyers have learned that it takes a hands-on approach to uncover critical accident details that play a role in these often-deadly collisions.

Such an approach involves the injury lawyer making a complete and thorough investigation. Important investigation elements include:

  • Inspecting electronic data contained in the truck's black box
  • Ordering accident reconstructions to uncover all possible causes of the crash
  • Carefully reviewing the commercial vehicle's maintenance logs
  • Speaking with responding law enforcement and emergency personnel
  • Interviewing potential eyewitnesses
  • Consulting with all of the victim's medical providers to determine the full extent of his or her injuries

We believe that no stone should go unturned in the pursuit of justice for victims injured in truck accidents. Holding at-fault parties accountable for their reckless and negligent actions is important, not just for victims, but for all American citizens. Please visit our website for information and resources about personal injury claims in the Gainesville region.

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