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Family law: Addressing issues related to marriage annulment

What is marriage annulment? Put simply, it is a legal process that erases a marriage as if it never happened. For many Georgia couples navigating the deep waters of family law and divorce, annulment sounds like a dream come true. Unfortunately, not just any couple can have a marriage annulled.

In Georgia and most other states, annulment is an option when a marriage between the two spouses should not have taken place. The legal grounds for annulment typically revolve around issues of fraud, unsound mental capacity and not being old enough to wed legally.

For example, if your spouse tricked you into getting married by promising something he or she could not deliver, you might have grounds for annulment. In another example, if an adult child with mental disabilities gets married, his or her parents might be able to end the marriage through annulment. For the final example, if someone under the age of sixteen marries without acquiring parental consent, annulment is a solid option.

It is important to understand that even when grounds for annulment exist, there are situations in which it cannot happen. When children are already born or the couple is expecting a child, a legal divorce is the only option. This is because the courts need to make judgments supporting the child's best interests such as child support and custody settlements. This is not possible in an annulment.

Regardless of how and why you got married, a family law professional is a great source of information and guidance when it is time to end the relationship legally. He or she can explain your options for divorce and help you break free of the marriage with your rights intact.

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