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June 2018 Archives

Defensive driving techniques for Georgia motorcycle riders

In the Georgia heat, there are few better ways to cool off than to mount a motorcycle and get the wind in your face. The last thing you want is for a negligent motorist to spoil your fun and endanger your life by involving you in a motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, these crashes do happen and they all too often lead to catastrophic injuries.

Family law: Addressing issues related to marriage annulment

What is marriage annulment? Put simply, it is a legal process that erases a marriage as if it never happened. For many Georgia couples navigating the deep waters of family law and divorce, annulment sounds like a dream come true. Unfortunately, not just any couple can have a marriage annulled.

Charges filed in fatal 2017 pedestrian involved car accident

Some of you may remember the tragic car accident that took the life of a young mom, her infant daughter and an elderly woman in September 2017. The three victims and several other people were on foot in the town of Woodstock when a Jeep Patriot operated by a teen struck the pedestrians. The baby died the night of the car accident while the other two victims lingered for several days before their lives ended.

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