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A car wreck does not have to wreck your life

Even if you practice defensive driving religiously, sometimes motor vehicle collisions are unavoidable if other motorists are negligent behind the wheel. Unfortunately, these types of accidents can easily ruin your day, and some of them can even have longer-term impacts if they cause you serious injuries.

Following an accident, you may understandably be at a loss for what to do. After all, accident scenes are generally chaotic, with emotions running high. Here is a glimpse at what you need to do following a car wreck in Georgia.

Steps to take at the scene of the accident

First and foremost, you will want to remain at the crash scene, especially if you have suffered an injury, as taking off in a panic may lead to hit-and-run criminal charges. Instead, you should check yourself and any other motorists or passengers for injuries, and then you will obviously want to seek medical attention right away for anyone who needs it. You will also need to contact the police so that they can produce a report of the accident.

While at the scene of the accident, it may behoove you take notes regarding the details of your crash -- for instance: what led to the collision and what were the weather conditions like at the time of the collision? Taking pictures of any damage and injuries resulting from the crash may also be expedient.

Steps to take after the collision

Once you have left the crash scene, it is critical that you obtain the police report that authorities filed regarding your accident.

You may also want to write down in a notebook all of the injuries you suffered as a result of the crash and how they have impacted your daily life. For instance, perhaps your injuries have kept you from returning to work for a period of time, or maybe they are taking a toll on you mentally. In addition, it might be beneficial to track the medical treatments you receive for your injuries.

Your rights as a car accident victim

If another driver's carelessness led to your injuries and suffering, you have the right to seek compensation. A successfully fought personal injury claim might lead to a monetary award that can help you to address your medical costs and other losses stemming from the unfortunate incident.

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