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Take these steps to strengthen a slip-and-fall accident case

Slip-and-fall accidents can occur in almost any location or setting, including restaurants, hospitals, sidewalks, retail stores or even a neighbor's yard. Many of these falls are minor and do not result in injuries, but some can be very serious. For example, if the victim strikes his or her head in a fall, severe brain injury might occur.

No property owner wants to see a person suffer slip-and-fall accidents on his or her premises. However, as we all know, they still happen, and sometimes even the most conscientious property owner is at fault. This liability can come in several forms, such as:

  • The property owner created the dangerous condition.
  • The owner knew about the hazard and failed to correct it.
  • The owner should have known about and addressed the hazard.

Because injuries usually require medical treatment, victims have the right to seek compensation when negligence contributed to their suffering. However, winning such compensation is never a given, even when cases seem clear-cut.

The following tips can strengthen your side of a slip-and-fall accident case when seeking compensation from liable parties.

  • Seek medical treatment immediately and retain all of your treatment records.
  • Gather photos of your injuries.
  • Collect eyewitness names and contact information.
  • Consider calling the police to ask for an investigation.

You should also take steps to identify the responsible party. Depending on your situation, the negligent party might be the person who owns the property, or it could be a negligent employee. Since identifying the responsible party is sometimes tricky, we usually recommend seeking help from an injury lawyer. This has the added benefit of putting someone in your corner whose only concern is advocating for you and protecting your rights.

Please look over our Georgia law firm's website if you would like more details about negligent slip-and-fall accidents.

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