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Never forget that car accidents can happen anytime, anywhere

After we become adults and get accustomed to operating motor vehicles frequently, complacency is a real risk. After all, we know we are good drivers, we obey traffic laws at all times and we try to watch out for danger. Surely, this is enough to keep us all as safe as possible.

Unfortunately, danger can strike at any time and in any place, even from the most unlikely sources. Part of avoiding truck, motorcycle and car accidents is staying alert for any hazards, not just the ones you might expect. Let the following bizarre accident tales convince you that danger may be lurking right in your path.

In 2010, a pigeon suddenly appeared directly in front of a motorcycle and collided with the rider, knocking him unconscious. The man suffered serious injuries, proving that nature itself can be full of hidden dangers. Unfortunately, it is impossible to file a lawsuit against Mother Nature for injuries caused by one of her creations.

In 2012, a man driving a small van suffered a bizarre accident when a construction crane operator allowed a steel beam to drift into traffic. The beam ripped through the van, literally tearing it apart. Amazingly, the man suffered only very minor injuries. Had he suffered a more tragic fate, it is conceivable that the crane operator and/or the construction company could be held liable with attorney guidance.

This last bizarre car accident story should warn you that incompetent motorists are a real threat on all American roadways. A woman crashed two separate cars into two separate businesses within the space of two days. While the report makes no mention of anyone suffering injury, this tale makes it clear that we should always be on the lookout for possible danger even in seemingly benign situations.

We know that this blog post has a slightly humorous tone, but be assured that our attorneys always take car accidents seriously. This is why we like to encourage our neighbors in Georgia to stay alert and to seek more information about legal remedies for car accident injuries. A good place to start is our website and our legal blog.

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