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Fight back following an injury-causing commercial truck accident

Becoming involved in a motor vehicle accident is one of the most harrowing experiences a person could have. This is especially true for those involved in accidents involving commercial trucks.

Commercial trucks are inherently dangerous due to their large size, as well as the fact that they are much heavier than your average car. If a commercial truck driver has injured you due to negligent driving, you have the right to seek justice in Georgia.

How commercial truck drivers can cause motor vehicle accidents

As a general rule of thumb, truck drivers are patient and skilled behind the wheel. However, they can still cause serious crashes for a number of reasons, including inadequate training on certain driving techniques, defensive driving and safety concerns.

Another factor in truck accidents is the compensation systems that exist in the trucking industry. These systems unfortunately encourage more rapid trucking speeds as well as more consecutive truck operation hours than would typically be advisable. Another common contributing factor in commercial truck crashes is trucking companies' unrealistic expectations and schedules, which encourage truckers to hurry in spite of the safety risks that this poses.

Your rights as a truck accident victim

If a truck driver has caused you to suffer serious injuries in a motor vehicle crash, it is within your rights to file a personal injury claim against the driver, seeking the reimbursement of monetary damages. You may also name the driver's employer in the lawsuit.

A civil court will determine claims for damages only if and when establishing liability before the court, based on a showing of negligence. A successfully fought suit may result in a monetary damage award that might help with addressing medical bills and other losses stemming from the collision.

What if you played a role in the truck accident, too?

An important consideration, though, is that if the court finds that you contributed to the truck accident as well -- for example, perhaps you made an abrupt lane change in front of a commercial truck -- then your reward amount will decrease based on your degree of fault. This is a principle known as compensatory negligence. Nonetheless, an applied understanding of the law may help you to maximize the amount of damages awarded you following a truck crash.

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