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What you need to know about Georgia protective orders

It is a sad fact that family violence runs rampant across the United States. Many social and economic issues contribute to this violence, including the sudden loss of a job or even the topic of divorce. Some people who lack appropriate coping skills may lash out violently when facing adversity. Whatever its cause, domestic violence threatens many lives and families in the state of Georgia.

The government recognizes this threat and has done its best at both the state and federal levels to provide protections for families. An important part of the government's response to family violence is giving victims easy access to restraining or protection orders.

When an alleged abuser knows that there will be legal repercussions for his or her violent behavior, that may deter them from contacting or hurting family members.

It is not difficult to acquire a restraining order in a violent family situation, as long as evidence supporting the victim's claim exists. In cases where the threat is imminent, a judge may issue a temporary order that begins protection right away. Upon issuing a temporary order, the judge will schedule a hearing so that he or she can evaluate the case thoroughly and order a more permanent solution.

A family law attorney also plays a crucial role in protecting families from violence. A lawyer can expedite protection orders while providing family members with advice about the next steps to take. For example, a family law attorney often puts victims in touch with shelters where they will be safe from imminent harm. This is particularly valuable when a victim of domestic violence is trying to get a divorce from his or her abuser.

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