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Rabid dog bites a young Georgia child

Georgia is home to a large amount of pets, many of them dogs. Although most pet owners make sure their animals do not pose injury risks to other people, some of these dogs do attack and bite humans. Recently in Gwinnet County, Georgia, a young boy suffered an attack by a dog. Unfortunately, the animal was rabid, according to news outlets.

The dog bite occurred at the end of February in the Yellow River region, which is a main thoroughfare for wildlife. However, the animal that bit the boy was one of two Rottweilers pets owned by a neighbor. Reportedly, the 11-year-old victim was attacked in his grandparent's garage. The boy had a dog of his own with him, but his pet was leashed at the time.

According to the victim's family, the two Rottweilers charged into the garage and attacked the child. The boy's grandmother and mother fought the two dogs until they ran off, but not before one of the animals had bitten the boy. Later, a passing vehicle struck and killed one of the dogs. The other dog tested negative for rabies.

Unfortunately, Gwinnett Animal Control discovered that the deceased animal suffered from rabies. The victim's family identified the dead dog as the one that had bitten the child. The boy and other members of his family have all received rabies shots since the attack occurred and animal control personnel say that they will all be ok. Authorities charged the dog owner with two counts of public nuisance and two counts of not restraining the animals.

When animals suffer from diseases like rabies, it can turn even minor dog bites like this one into life-threatening events if passed on to human victims. Families victimized by unsecured pets have legal options to hold animal owners liable for injuries. A personal injury attorney can help them move forward in the wake of an attack.

Source: WSB-TV Atlanta, "Gwinnett County issues alert after child is attacked by rabid dog," Tony Thomas, March 08, 2018

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