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Be careful when driving in Georgia's adverse weather

Unless you have moved to Georgia from a state up north, you probably do not have much experience driving in icy, snowy or even very windy conditions. This winter, nature has given those of us who live here more than our usual share of adverse weather. As a result, car accidents in the area have increased.

To highlight our point, two car accident fatalities occurred in North Georgia just this week because of gusting winds. While both of these were single car accidents, they still serve to remind us that weather can affect driving conditions. When motorists who are not accustomed to driving in poor winter conditions take the wheel, they have an increased risk of falling victim to crashes and collisions.

We want to remind everyone to be extra cautious this year and always, especially when snow and ice complicate driving. Here are a few tips to help you avoid weather-related car accidents:

  • Proceed slowly and cautiously if snow and/or ice is present
  • Maintain a larger than usual distance from other motor vehicles
  • Avoid making quick stops and fast turns
  • Slow down when approaching a curve

Finally, avoid the temptation to brake if you go into a skid on the ice. Instead, take your foot off the accelerator and point your car's front wheels in the direction you are skidding. In states that routinely experience snow and ice, this tip alone has saved many people from colliding with other motorists in states that routinely experience snow and ice.

While we in Georgia may be unaccustomed to seriously poor winter conditions, we can avoid dire circumstances by always driving cautiously and staying alert to reckless motorists. We offer our readers additional information about car accidents in the state on the pages of our website.

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