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March 2018 Archives

What you need to know about Georgia protective orders

It is a sad fact that family violence runs rampant across the United States. Many social and economic issues contribute to this violence, including the sudden loss of a job or even the topic of divorce. Some people who lack appropriate coping skills may lash out violently when facing adversity. Whatever its cause, domestic violence threatens many lives and families in the state of Georgia.

Rabid dog bites a young Georgia child

Georgia is home to a large amount of pets, many of them dogs. Although most pet owners make sure their animals do not pose injury risks to other people, some of these dogs do attack and bite humans. Recently in Gwinnet County, Georgia, a young boy suffered an attack by a dog. Unfortunately, the animal was rabid, according to news outlets.

Be careful when driving in Georgia's adverse weather

Unless you have moved to Georgia from a state up north, you probably do not have much experience driving in icy, snowy or even very windy conditions. This winter, nature has given those of us who live here more than our usual share of adverse weather. As a result, car accidents in the area have increased.

Tips to maximize your motorcycle accident insurance compensation

Victims of motorcycle accidents typically suffer serious personal injury and massive property damage. Receiving the maximum amount of compensation possible replaces out-of-pocket expenses and enables victims to pay for much-needed medical care. However, insurance companies want to make money and do not like to let it slip out of their fingers.

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