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When another driver's distraction becomes your problem

If you're one of many Georgia residents who happens to be a parent, you've likely cautioned your children many times, especially in their toddler years, when they were about to do things that placed their safety at risk. For instance, you might recall warning your little ones not to touch electrical outlets or put things into their mouths that they randomly picked up off the floor. It's too bad you can't do the same with your fellow motorists while driving.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could offer a word of caution to a nearby driver using a cell phone or juggling a burger and super-sized drink at the wheel? In reality, there's not much you can do to make other drivers act responsibly while navigating Georgia roadways. If you're lucky, however, you might be able to avoid collision if you know how to recognize signs of distracted driving. It's also good to know what support resources are available to address collision damage issues that another person's negligence caused.

Watch out for distracted drivers!

The problem with avoiding distracted driving accidents is that you can't always tell which are motorists. The following describes dangerous behaviors that often lead to collision:

  • If you witness another driver taking his or her hands off the wheel to reach for things inside a vehicle, it's a sure sign of a driver distraction. If you can safely distance yourself from the vehicle, you may be able to avoid a crash.
  • Even though many states have laws against using hand-held electronic devices like cell phones while driving, many motorists do it anyway. How many times have you narrowly avoided collision with another motorist who appeared to be texting or talking on a cell phone at the time? This is a top distraction that often results in serious injury.
  • Police say daydreamers are among the worst kinds of distracted drivers on the road. This is one type of distraction that may not be immediately apparent to you. How can you tell if another person is not actually paying attention to the road? It is sometimes possible by watching vehicle movement. A daydreaming driver's car may be veering out of its lane or traveling at much slower speeds than current traffic patterns.

Interacting with passengers, adjusting knobs on radios or using GPS devices can also be major distractions that place all vehicle travelers and pedestrians in the area at risk for injury. If you wind up in an emergency room due to a car accident that was entirely preventable were it not for a distracted driver's negligence, you have the right to seek restitution for the suffering you've endured.

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