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What benefits does paternity establishment give mothers and kids?

Many Georgia couples choose to have children without getting married. Sometimes, these unmarried relationships will last forever and everyone involved—including children—live happily ever after for the most part. Other times, the blissful feelings a couple experiences fade away and one or both parties decide to break the relationship. This is where the trouble for unmarried parents often begins.

Family law attorneys have seen more relationship scenarios than you may be able to imagine. They know that even the happiest unmarried parents may suffer a relationship breakdown in the future. This is why lawyers encourage unwed couples to establish paternity as early as possible. Doing so offers many benefits to children, mothers and to fathers as well. Here are a few of these benefits.

  • Arguably, the most important benefit of paternity establishment is that it provides the child with two legitimate parents. Children have the best chance of thriving when they receive love and emotional support from both parents.
  • Financial support is also an important benefit for the custodial parent and the child. Establishing paternity gives custodial mothers the right to seek child support through the family court system.
  • Finally, fathers benefit from establishing paternity because it gives them legal rights to their children. This means dads can have a say in how their kids are raised, how they are educated and how they receive medical care.

Fortunately, it is not usually difficult to establish paternity in the state of Georgia. You can start the process on your own or you can choose to work with a family law attorney. Choosing the latter option may be more beneficial if you and your co-parent find it difficult to work together cooperatively.

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