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Truck driver in 11-vehicle crash may face a year of jail time

Back in November of last year, the Gainesville community was shaken by a multi-vehicle truck accident that claimed the life of a young Georgia woman. As reports come in discussing what consequences the truck driver could face, many community members will probably remember the accident and wonder if the potential consequences are enough for so tragic a loss.

To refresh your memory, the truck accident occurred on Nov. 13 in Gainesville on the Queen City Parkway. Reports indicate that the 41-year-old truck driver caused the accident by following traffic too closely and driving too fast for the foggy conditions present at the time. Fourteen people were involved in the truck accident, with several of them requiring medical attention.

One person involved in the crash did not fare so well as the others. A 24-year-old woman suffered fatal injuries when a tanker truck crashed into the back of her vehicle. The victim's vehicle was forced into the car in front of her, causing a chain reaction involving 11 motor vehicles.

The truck driver has been charged with second-degree vehicular homicide, which is only a misdemeanor offense at this time. A conviction means the driver will face only up to one year in jail. For many, the crime in this case outweighs the punishment as all drivers have a duty to operate their motor vehicles in a safe and responsible manner at all times.

While criminal laws may appear to come up short in this case, there are alternatives for grieving family members. For example, pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit against the truck driver could offer the family some closure while holding the driver accountable for his actions.

Source: Gainesville Times, "Driver faces up to year in jail after 11-car wreck in November," Nick Watson, Feb. 19, 2018

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