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Forget these myths to stay safe when motorcycle season arrives

Believe it or not, winter will fade and warm summer weather will invade Georgia in the near future. For those who enjoy riding motorcycles, this is welcome news. As you know, summer is great for cycling, but it is also the prime season for motorcycle accidents as well.

Because staying safe while riding is always a concern for enthusiasts, this is a great time to examine some of the myths associated with riding bikes. Discounting these myths may also help you avoid motorcycle accidents altogether. At the very least, knowing the truth could improve your chances of survival if an accident occurs.

  • Helmets increase your danger: Believing this could get you killed. In truth, helmets protect you from head injury and do not block your hearing or vision, as some enthusiasts believe.
  • Gear does not protect you: Like helmets, other forms of riding gear are designed to increase your protection. For example, the right body gear can reduce the severity of injuries you might suffer in a motorcycle accident.
  • Ear plugs increase your danger: If you believe that hearing protection is more dangerous than routine exposure to the loud sounds associated with cycling, then you are mistaken. Protecting your hearing is always important while riding.
  • Loud pipes reduce motorcycle accidents: This is a myth believed by many, but it is not true. Statistically speaking, the volume of your pipes has no impact at all on the number of accidents that occur.

In the end, operating your cycle defensively while following all the traffic laws is the best way to stay safe on a motorcycle. It also benefits you in a legal action as well. For example, knowing that you broke no traffic law or safety rule can help you and an attorney establish liability if a motorcycle accident leaves you injured. This empowers you to seek and win compensation for your injuries.

Source: Bike Bandit, "The 5 Dumbest Myths Motorcycle Riders Believe," Aaron Cortez, accessed Feb. 07, 2018

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