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February 2018 Archives

Do lawyers see many dog bite cases involving Doberman Pinschers?

You likely already know this, but it is important to point out that any breed of dog can bite humans. Having said that, you may also know that large dogs like the Rottweiler, the pit bull and the Doberman are usually cited as the worst dog bite offenders. In fact, many of the popular online lists of dangerous dog breeds include Doberman Pinschers.

Truck driver in 11-vehicle crash may face a year of jail time

Back in November of last year, the Gainesville community was shaken by a multi-vehicle truck accident that claimed the life of a young Georgia woman. As reports come in discussing what consequences the truck driver could face, many community members will probably remember the accident and wonder if the potential consequences are enough for so tragic a loss.

What benefits does paternity establishment give mothers and kids?

Many Georgia couples choose to have children without getting married. Sometimes, these unmarried relationships will last forever and everyone involved—including children—live happily ever after for the most part. Other times, the blissful feelings a couple experiences fade away and one or both parties decide to break the relationship. This is where the trouble for unmarried parents often begins.

When another driver's distraction becomes your problem

If you're one of many Georgia residents who happens to be a parent, you've likely cautioned your children many times, especially in their toddler years, when they were about to do things that placed their safety at risk. For instance, you might recall warning your little ones not to touch electrical outlets or put things into their mouths that they randomly picked up off the floor. It's too bad you can't do the same with your fellow motorists while driving.

Forget these myths to stay safe when motorcycle season arrives

Believe it or not, winter will fade and warm summer weather will invade Georgia in the near future. For those who enjoy riding motorcycles, this is welcome news. As you know, summer is great for cycling, but it is also the prime season for motorcycle accidents as well.

The number of car accident-related deaths is rising in Georgia

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT), deaths due to car accidents are increasing in the state. If you look at this in a logical manner, this means that your safety on the roadways is decreasing. Since 2014, the volume of deaths related to car accidents has risen by 33 percent.

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