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Perform your own safety check before choosing a day care facility

It is not unnatural for parents to feel anxious and even overwhelmed at the prospect of leaving a child at a day care facility. Both parents in many Georgia families work outside the home, and making the right choice when it comes to childcare is vital. The most appropriate way to approach this dilemma might be to be proactive and question the safety procedures of all potential care providers.

If you are in such a situation, you need not hesitate when seeking answers to all your questions, and you may even arrange to spend time to observe activities at the day care facilities that might be suitable. Without peace of mind about your children's safety, you may be unable to perform adequately at your places of employment.

Aspects to include in your safety check

Safety authorities with particular interest in day care facilities shared suggestions for safety issues you might want to include in your list of aspects to look at when you inspect potential daycare facilities. Along with any other concerns you may have, the following may be worth checking:

  • Background checks: The licensing of the facility, the backgrounds of the owners and even the personnel can be reviewed, along with the criminal screenings and track record information of each staff member and proof of qualifications to care for children.
  • Safety training: You could ask to see the schedule for regular safety training along with proof of CPR and first-aid requirements. You may want to seek assurance that at least one safety-trained staff member will be present at all times.
  • Adequate supervision: You may look for a facility at which the child-to-provider ratio complies with accepted standards to ensure they can account for every child at any time.
  • Safety of toys, equipment and nursery products: You can check general cleanliness and conditions of the equipment and toys. Look for recalled, damaged or inappropriate toys, and ensure separate areas are gated to keep children of different ages separate.
  • Food safety: Food-borne illnesses, cross-contamination, allergies along with storage and management of formula and breast milk can cause problems at any day care center. Cleanliness of food preparation areas, utensils and cups, bottles and plates is another aspect to check.
  • Toxic substances: Children must not have access to storage areas for cleaning products and medicines.
  • Administering medication: Reviewprotocols that are in place for the storage and administering of medication. Improper dosages can cause poisoning.
  • Transmission of illnesses: While you may keep your child at home when he or she is sick, other parents may not. Ask how the facility will prevent transmission of illnesses.
  • Safe sleep practices: Ask how they will ensure your child's safety when he or she sleeps. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome remains prevalent in day care facilities.
  • Preparedness for emergencies: Discuss the emergency procedures and preparedness for incidents from health or injury-related circumstances to fire, violence and natural disasters.

In the event of harm to your child

Sadly, regardless of the trouble you put into selecting a daycare center for your child, accidents happen, and your child may be the victim of the negligence of somebody at the facility. You will be entitled to pursue recovery of financial and emotional damages through the Georgia civil justice system. However, proving negligence could be challenging, and you may need the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney to provide support and guidance with ensuing legal procedures.

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