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January 2018 Archives

How should you take photos of a car accident scene?

The immediate aftermath of a car accident is one of the most chaotic and frightening things a person can experience. This is true in serious car accidents as well as minor ones. It can be difficult to think clearly even if you have not suffered serious injuries. However, aside from seeking medical care, assessing and documenting the scene is of major importance.

Dog bites in the nation: Statistics worth knowing

If you spend time in any of the neighborhoods across Gainesville, you will see many dogs. The vast majority of people love dogs and welcome one or more of them into the family unit. It is probably safe to say that most family dogs are friendly and loveable, but it is also important to recognize that some animals can and do attack, often without warning.

Perform your own safety check before choosing a day care facility

It is not unnatural for parents to feel anxious and even overwhelmed at the prospect of leaving a child at a day care facility. Both parents in many Georgia families work outside the home, and making the right choice when it comes to childcare is vital. The most appropriate way to approach this dilemma might be to be proactive and question the safety procedures of all potential care providers.

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