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What are some common dangers for motorcyclists?

Whether you ride a motorcycle for fun or for your everyday needs, the dangers are always present. It doesn't matter how safe you are or how many safety measures you enact, dangers lurk around every curve for motorcyclists. So, what are some of the most common dangers motorcyclists face on the roads of Georgia?

Debris in the roadway is one of the biggest dangers facing motorcyclists in Georgia. Debris can include wet leaves, sticks, roadkill, potholes, pieces of vehicles and much more. Motorcyclists not only have to monitor for deer and other motorists but also debris that can send their bikes spiraling out of control.

Slick roads are another danger to motorcyclists. You never know when a road will be slick. It could be a seemingly nice day but a road can still be slick. Oil slicks, rain, wet leaves, frost, snow, ice, broken water mains and more. Try to spot wet areas on the roads ahead of time so you can safely maneuver around them.

Distracted drivers are another common danger motorcyclists face. It's easier said than done to spot such a driver but it's important for your safety. You can spot such a driver by looking for weaving, failing to brake in time, not leaving an intersection after the light changes and more.

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