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Fight the stigma attached to people who ride motorcycles

Most motorcycle riders are only out trying to have a good time. They are usually very safe drivers who follow all of the rules of the road. Unfortunately, other drivers might not reciprocate this. We realize that you never expected that an irresponsible driver would slam into you while you were out on the open road.

Motorcycle crashes can devastating for the victim. Even seemingly minor injuries like road rash come with significant risks. Think about the things that you might find on the road. Substances like motor oil and other vehicle fluids might be on these. It is possible that when the road rash occurs that some of this will enter into the open wounds. This sets up the possibility of infection.

More serious injuries, like spinal cord injuries and brain injuries, can also occur. These can be lifelong issues that the victim and his or her loved ones will have to deal with for a long time. These can also be very expensive due to the care and medical treatments that are necessary.

In all of these cases, there is a possibility that the person will have to miss work. This can also add to the financial devastation because they won't have their normal income coming in. While this negative impact is going on, the bills aren't going to stop. In fact the bills might increase due to the expenses related to the accident.

We realize that you never thought you would be in this position. We are here to help you learn about the ways that you can attempt to hold the driver who struck you accountable and reduce the monetary impact.

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