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Day care and wrongful death injuries

In today's society, often both parents work and require someone to look after the kids at least part of the time. Not everyone can rely on extended family or grandparents to help watch the kids, so for many individuals, day care is the best option. However, there can be risk in leaving your child in the care of another person.

Day cares are not heavily regulated, which can leave too many loopholes for sub-par caregivers and less-than-ideal facilities. You might have to rely on your own research and the recommendations of others to choose a quality day care for your child. It's not all doom and gloom, though. Studies show that increased social interaction can be good for a growing child's mind. If parents keep in mind the risks of day care, as well as the social, physical and educational needs of their child, they should be able to find the right place.

Watch out for abuse and neglect

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous individuals operate day care centers without sufficient staff, have unsafe environments or employ workers that have the potential to harm your children. Getting into a good day care can be competitive, and a 2007 study found that "good" care only existed in 10 percent of day cares. CBS News reports studied 2,000 sudden infant deaths in 11 states, and found that 20 percent of those deaths happened in day cares. When you research the day care center, you may want to find out the staff to child ratio, to ensure that the facility has enough caregivers to handle the number of children that may be in the center at any given time.

Germs and other environmental concerns

Sickness can be an issue for your child at day care. Your child could contract illnesses such as the flu, pink eye, stomach bugs and others if sick kids are at the center. The staff should ensure proper pathogen safety and have strong protocols for cleaning up any messes. Crib deaths may be a concern for younger children. You may want to offer instructions on how you want your child placed in a crib. Experts say that it is safer for a child to be on their back without using a blanket.

Tips for choosing a safe center

When it comes to choosing a safe center in Georgia, be sure to do your research. Visit a few centers, and observe how staff interacts with the children. If you see the staff playing with kids, and keeping a close eye on everyone, that is a good sign.

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