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100-pound dog involved in 'vicious' attack

A 50-year-old woman who was walking an American Bulldog down the street was attacked by the dog and left with serious injuries. The incident occurred in Port Salerno, where the dog lunged after a rabbit, thus pulling the woman to the ground. The 100-pound American Bulldog then attacked the woman. She was able to crawl her way to a fenced in area that protected her from the dog's attacks.

Police were called to the scene, and as they approached the area to try to help the woman, the dog became aggressive towards them. Ultimately the police officers had to shoot the dog so that they could help the woman, who needs to be hospitalized with what were deemed serious injuries that were not life threatening. She had a compound fracture in her arm and numerous puncture wounds all across her body.

This is the unfortunate truth about dog bites: they can happen at any moment because though we like to think of our pets as domesticated and trained, they still have animal instincts. They can become aggressive at any moment. And when that dog is a 100-pound animal with power jaws, severe or even fatal injuries can occur.

It is on dog owners to ensure their pets are properly trained and display exemplary behavior. Otherwise, they run the risk of being held responsible if their dog were to become aggressive and injure innocent people.

Source: Palm Beach Post, "NEW: Deputy shoots 100-pound bulldog after it attacks Florida woman," Elliott Wenzler, Aug. 21, 2017

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