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November 2017 Archives

Bad weather and big trucks: making the roads safer for everyone

Big trucks can spell big danger for everyone on Georgia roads when truckers make poor decisions behind the wheel. The men and women who drive semitrailers have a special responsibility to drive carefully and safely in all conditions, but this is especially true when the weather is bad or they are driving in unfamiliar areas.

Looking at laws truck drivers must follow

The trucking industry is one of the most important in our country. The more trucks you see on the road, the better the economy is performing. Even though trucks are important, they are also some of the most dangerous vehicles out there. They are large, heavy, oversized and can flip easily. Combine this with excessive speed or driver fatigue and you have a recipe for tragedy. Here are some laws that truck drivers must follow.

How to care for a dog bite injury

A dog is man's best friend but every now and then a dog will snap and bite someone. You should always seek medical attention following a dog bite. Even if the bite seems to be minor, a medical professional will be able to provide you with excellent care. Here are some tips for caring for a dog bite injury in Gainesville.

Day care and wrongful death injuries

In today's society, often both parents work and require someone to look after the kids at least part of the time. Not everyone can rely on extended family or grandparents to help watch the kids, so for many individuals, day care is the best option. However, there can be risk in leaving your child in the care of another person.

9 injured in horrific chain-reaction crash

A horrific chain-reaction crash in Gainesville on Monday morning injured nine people. One good Samaritan checked on victims of the accident by going car to car to see if everyone was alright once all the vehicles came to a stop. The accident occurred at the intersection of Queen City Parkway and West Ridge Road. According to police, the fog on Monday morning played a major role in the crash.

100-pound dog involved in 'vicious' attack

A 50-year-old woman who was walking an American Bulldog down the street was attacked by the dog and left with serious injuries. The incident occurred in Port Salerno, where the dog lunged after a rabbit, thus pulling the woman to the ground. The 100-pound American Bulldog then attacked the woman. She was able to crawl her way to a fenced in area that protected her from the dog's attacks.

Who is responsible in premises liability cases?

Premises liability can be explained in a simple way: People who visit your property have a reasonable expectation that they will not be injured. Because of this, you, as the owner or non-owner resident, must keep the property as safe as possible. Determining liability in such a case depends on the conditions of the property, the actions of the owner, and the actions of the injured party.

Not every Georgia dog is a peach

Most dog owners understand the heavy responsibility they bear in caring for their pets. They know they have a moral obligation to provide adequate food, water and shelter. Society also expects dog owners to have their animals properly vaccinated and to provide suitable attention to socialize them. Many go above and beyond those minimum requirements, elevating their pets to the level of family members and lavishing them with more affection than some humans receive.

Explaining common family legal issues

A family can be a blessing for many and more of a problem for some. Family law is an intricate issue that encompasses quite a few different subjects. When you are involved in a family law issue, it's best to work with a family law attorney who has the experience necessary to handle your case. Here are some common family law legal issues in Gainesville.

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