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What should I do after a dog bite?

Dogs are truly man's best friend but not all of them are sweet, calm and nice. There are dogs out there who are not trained properly, or who have a temper. Dogs will bite, some playfully and others in an effort to harm their victims. So, what should you do after a dog bite in Gainesville?

Even if the dog did not puncture your skin, it's still a good idea to seek medical care following a dog bite. Being examined medically will help your situation should you file a lawsuit or claim down the road. Seeking medical care will also help you recover from the bite should it have caused damage.

Be sure you exchange contact information with the owner of the dog, if you can identify the owner. The information you obtain from the dog's owner should be his or her name, address, phone number, email address and veterinarian's information. You will want to contact the dog's vet in order to obtain the vaccination history of the dog.

Speak to any witnesses who saw the bite occur. Get all of their contact information so your lawyer can contact them for a statement. If for some reason you need to get the authorities involved, make sure the witnesses remain at the scene to speak to the police officers.

You can help prevent future dog bites by filing a complaint with the local animal control office. They will investigate the incident, which could wind up helping your case if you decide to file a lawsuit.

Have you been bitten by a dog in Gainesville? An experienced personal injury attorney can answer questions about how you can protect your rights following a dog bite.

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