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October 2017 Archives

Tips for protecting yourself when riding a motorcycle

The next time you hop on your motorcycle, be sure to follow the safety tips outlined in this post in order to keep yourself as safe as possible. Keep in mind that riding a motorcycle is one of the most dangerous ways to commute to work or school, which is why safety should be your No. 1 priority.

Freak accident involving tire kills driver in Georgia

A freak accident involving a tire killed a driver in Georgia on Thursday, according to multiple news reports. The accident occurred in the suburbs of Atlanta, in Sandy Springs, during the morning rush hour on Thursday, Oct. 19. A tire flew off a pickup truck that was traveling northbound on Georgia 400 and flew into the southbound lanes, where it struck a car.

What should I do after a dog bite?

Dogs are truly man's best friend but not all of them are sweet, calm and nice. There are dogs out there who are not trained properly, or who have a temper. Dogs will bite, some playfully and others in an effort to harm their victims. So, what should you do after a dog bite in Gainesville?

Is your child safe at day care?

Your decision to find a day care provider for your children was likely a very personal one. If you struggled over the choice, you are in good company. However, you may have known from the beginning that your children would go to day care, and maybe you even had one picked out months before your child was born.

Deadly accident leads to charges

A woman was killed in an accident in Sandy Springs, out on I-285. She was behind the wheel of a Nissan Altima. According to authorities, another driver was coming up behind her in a Honda Accord and ran into the back of her vehicle. That pushed her car forward and to the left, right into the path of a semi-truck.

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