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What are the most common distracted driving habits?

Distracted driving is a problem that is taking over the roads of Georgia. Drivers can be distracted for various reasons, not just from talking or texting on their phones. Today, we will discuss some other common distracted driving habits found on the roads of Gainesville.

Having a pet in the car can be a major distraction for drivers. It can be even worse if the pet is in the front passenger seat. It can be downright deadly if the pet is sitting on the driver's lap. All pets should be in the rear of the vehicle, in a secure crate if possible.

Using a GPS or other entertainment screen in the car when driving is a distraction, even if the driver is using it to find his or her way around town. These screens cause drivers to take their eyes off the road and their hands off the wheel when pressing the screen.

Even having children in the car can be distracting, especially if they are screaming or crying. Reprimanding a child or trying to give the child a bottle is dangerous when operating a motor vehicle.

Distracted driving is not only caused by things inside the vehicle. It can also be caused by drivers paying attention to items outside the vehicle, such as looking at an accident, reading a billboard, paying too close attention to other drivers and more.

Eating and drinking while driving can also be distracting. Dropping food or spilling hot coffee can be a recipe for disaster. Drivers need to have their entire focus on the road in front of them and their hands free to steer the vehicle.

Have you ever encountered a distracted driver on the roads of Gainesville? It's a growing problem that can lead to some very tragic accidents. An attorney can help you understand your rights if you've been involved in such an accident.

Source: How Stuff Works, "10 Most Dangerous Distracted Driving Habits," accessed Sep. 20, 2017

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