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Using virtual visitation in child custody agreement

When two parents enter into a child custody agreement, both will look for different ways to receive the better end of the deal. What many parents forget is that these agreements are tough on their children and should be created with only one goal in mind: the best interests of the children. Here's how virtual visitation can help in a child custody agreement.

Virtual visitation is exactly what you are thinking: communicating with your child via the various forms of technology available to us today. These methods can include phone calls, video chats, text messaging, emails, chat applications and more.

What parents must know and understand is that virtual visitation is not an alternative to a traditional visitation schedule in a child custody agreement. Instead, it is to be used as a supplement to regular visitation. In fact, a judge can deny virtual visitation if he or she was considering denying traditional visitation.

Virtual visitation is an excellent way for parents who travel for work, are in school, work nights or live far from their children to still have a connection or bond with their children.

Parents will be able to see their children after school on video chats, read them bedtime stories, look at the tooth that they lost, help with homework, check a school project and so much more.

If you are headed for discussions with the other parent of your child regarding a custody agreement, visit our site to learn more about virtual visitation and how a Gainesville family law attorney can help with your case.

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