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Tips for safe motorcycle riding during the fall season

Owning a motorcycle can be a lot of fun, but it's also dangerous. We all know how important safety is when it comes to being on a bike, but not everyone understands how vital safety efforts can be to preventing injury or death. Never take for granted that others around you will notice your motorcycle. Here are some safety tips for riding during the fall.

You might notice more motorcycles on the roads of Georgia this fall season compared to the summer. Many enthusiasts ride their bikes in the fall when seeking out the changing foliage across the state. Since we are talking about leaves, never operate your bike in the rain or immediately after it has rained in the fall. This is a recipe for disaster because of wet leaves, which can send you into a tailspin.

The sun is lower during the fall season compared to the summer season. Because of this, shadows will be darker, longer and showing up earlier in the day. Do not wear dark-tinted sunglasses. Instead, wear lightly-tinted sunglasses to deal with this change in the sun.

Animals are much more active in the fall than in the summer. This means that you must be on the lookout for all types of wildlife when you ride, especially deer. Animals tend to mate, forage for food and prepare for winter during the fall, which explains their increase in activity.

Perhaps the most important tip, if an obvious one, is to slow down. Even if you know the route like the back of your hand, it's still a good idea to ride a couple of miles per hour under the speed limit to ensure your safety.

Motorcycle accidents can change your life in an instant. If you've been injured in such a crash it's a good idea to speak with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Gainesville to explain your case.

Source: Ultimate Motorcycling, "September Brings Beautiful Colors & Hazards | Fall Motorcycle Riding Tips," Gary Ilminen, Sep. 12, 2017

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