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September 2017 Archives

Using virtual visitation in child custody agreement

When two parents enter into a child custody agreement, both will look for different ways to receive the better end of the deal. What many parents forget is that these agreements are tough on their children and should be created with only one goal in mind: the best interests of the children. Here's how virtual visitation can help in a child custody agreement.

What are the most common distracted driving habits?

Distracted driving is a problem that is taking over the roads of Georgia. Drivers can be distracted for various reasons, not just from talking or texting on their phones. Today, we will discuss some other common distracted driving habits found on the roads of Gainesville.

Safely driving near large trucks in Gainesville

The roads of Gainesville can be stressful during the morning and afternoon rush hours. They can be stressful in the middle of the day and at night. Driving is not always a fun task to complete, especially when you need to operate your vehicle around large trucks. They dominate the traffic on the road because of their size and speed. Here are some important safety tips for your next trip.

Tips for safe motorcycle riding during the fall season

Owning a motorcycle can be a lot of fun, but it's also dangerous. We all know how important safety is when it comes to being on a bike, but not everyone understands how vital safety efforts can be to preventing injury or death. Never take for granted that others around you will notice your motorcycle. Here are some safety tips for riding during the fall.

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