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Health insurance uncertainty and divorce

When it comes to divorce, timing can be critical. Waiting until a spouse's big bonus could give the other spouse an opportunity to claim more through the property division process, and waiting to file for divorce until one is financially stable can ensure a more successful post-divorce life. Yet, some circumstances related to divorce are outside of one's control. Although this can be frustrating, it shouldn't deter individuals from preparing a solid divorce plan that seeks to satisfy their needs and desires.

One issue that is causing many Americans to hold off on their divorce is the current uncertainty regarding the health insurance market. Many individuals are unsure about how much insurance will cost once they divorce, or if it will even be available at all. Although many couples used to file for legal separation to retain insurance while at the same time separating their lives, many employers have shifted away from providing coverage to separated spouses of their employees. This leaves many Americans in a position where they want to divorce, but are unsure of how to protect their healthcare needs.

One way approach the matter is to hold off on divorce but enter into a post-nuptial agreement. By doing this, a couple can settle many of their divorce issues so that the matter is essentially finalized when an appropriate time comes to dissolve the marriage. Others are drafting all of their divorce documents but waiting to file them until they can get their health insurance figured out. Others, though, are still deciding to proceed with their divorce, utilizing alimony calculations to help offset the potentially high costs of health insurance premiums.

Those who are considering marriage dissolution need to take into account every aspect of their financial lives, as this matter illustrates. Although issues like this may seem relatively minor, their expenses can really add up, leaving an individual unable to make ends meet in their post-divorce life. This is unacceptable, which is why we believe it is critically important that these individuals seek counsel from a qualified legal professional who can help them ensure that their financial future is as protected as is possible under the circumstances.

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