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Domestic violence has profound impact on children

Domestic violence is one of these things that people rarely talk about. It is often hidden behind closed doors and victims are often afraid to speak out for fear of being left by their significant other, being abused further, or subjecting their children to additional traumatic experiences. However, it is for these reasons that those who are in an abusive relationship need to think about the best way to end their marriage so that they can ensure their safety, future well-being and future financial security.

If that isn't enough reason to spur one to consider marriage dissolution, then perhaps consideration of the effect of domestic violence on children will. Domestic violence can have a profound impact on children both short and long-term. In the short-term, children who witness domestic violence may develop generalized anxiety, increased aggression, concern for the well-being of their parents and trouble concentrating on daily tasks.

Long-term exposure to domestic violence can lead to emotional and behavioral problems that can lead to substance abuse, crime and serious mental health issues like PTSD and depression. These children may also develop significant health-related issues as a result of the stress they have been put under for an extended period of time. Of course, as many of us have heard before, this exposure can also increase the likelihood that a child will him or herself perpetuate domestic violence against another.

Choosing to end a marriage can be challenging enough when there is no domestic violence in a relationship. Yet, with sound planning, legal protection and the desire for a new start for both a parent and his or her children, a successful resolution can be found. Regardless of whether the matter can be negotiated outside of court or must be litigated before a judge, divorce can be a powerful step to bring abuse to an end and ensure that one's children have the bright future they deserve. An experienced family law attorney may be of assistance in this process, as he or she may be able to help address issues such as child custody, visitation, child support and, if necessary, protection and no-contact orders.

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