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August 2017 Archives

Domestic violence has profound impact on children

Domestic violence is one of these things that people rarely talk about. It is often hidden behind closed doors and victims are often afraid to speak out for fear of being left by their significant other, being abused further, or subjecting their children to additional traumatic experiences. However, it is for these reasons that those who are in an abusive relationship need to think about the best way to end their marriage so that they can ensure their safety, future well-being and future financial security.

Why do courts focus on the "best interests of the child"?

While there may seem to be countless decisions to be made during the process of a divorce, such as property division and alimony or spousal support, when there are children involved from the marriage, the decisions may be even more complicated. The courts will need to look at the family and make decisions regarding child support and child custody, which may also affect other decisions that are made.

Overview of Georgia's child support guidelines

Like many other states, Georgia has child support guidelines so that courts can, hopeful, fairly and uniformly order child support so that parents who have to pay, or who will receive, child support feel that they are being treated equally. While not every child support case is exactly the same as another, having a uniform process still, hopefully, increases confidence in the judicial system.

Health insurance uncertainty and divorce

When it comes to divorce, timing can be critical. Waiting until a spouse's big bonus could give the other spouse an opportunity to claim more through the property division process, and waiting to file for divorce until one is financially stable can ensure a more successful post-divorce life. Yet, some circumstances related to divorce are outside of one's control. Although this can be frustrating, it shouldn't deter individuals from preparing a solid divorce plan that seeks to satisfy their needs and desires.

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