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Understanding how child support is calculated

When making decisions in a divorce, the courts want to be fair to both parents and also make certain that the child or children involved are not negatively impacted. There are several factors the courts will take into consideration when determining child support.

The courts will look at the earnings and income of each parent. This will include not only each parent's salary, but other money and benefits they may be collecting, such as public assistance, stock valuations, future incomes and even the use of a company car. They will also look to see what expenses each spouse has, which could include other child support payments from previous relationships.

They will also look at the expenses of the child or children. This would include their educational expenses, recreational activities, child care, basic necessities, insurance and other medical costs, including any special needs that the child or children may have. If a situation changes, the courts may also make changes to a previous child support ruling. Examples of changes include the living arrangements of either spouse, such as a spouse getting remarried and even earnings of the child, such as a recent inheritance.

If you have any questions or concerns about how your child support payments may be considered, you may want to get more information about family law in Georgia. The decisions that are made in the courts will have long-term ramifications, so it is important to have a firm understanding of how things are calculated so you are not left with any surprises when the courts make their decisions regarding your divorce.

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