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Adoption subsidies and special needs

Choosing to adopt a child can be one of the best decisions of an individual's life. In many instances, adoption provides a home to a child in need. Sometimes this is because the child's biological parents are unfit to parent, in others it is because the child's biological parents are deceased. Yet, even though this process can have immense rewards, it can also pose risks, especially those that are financial in nature. After all, raising a child can be extremely costly, especially when that child has special needs.

In an attempt to ensure that barriers are reduced when trying to find a forever home for a child, both state and federal governments have initiated adoption subsidies, which we have discussed generally on this blog before. But those who are looking to adopt a child with special needs should make sure they have a deeper understanding of the law, as failing to do so could leave much needed money on the table.

Generally speaking, a child is deemed to have special needs if he or she receives or is in need of special education, or if he or she is disabled in a way. Those who suffer from exposure to drugs or alcohol, as well as those with emotional problems, may also qualify. Yet, there are often lesser-known situations that could qualify a child as having special needs. For example, a child who is a minority, is older, and those who are part of a sibling group may be deemed to have special needs.

So why is it important to consider whether a child has special needs? It may be crucial when negotiating an adoption subsidy. These subsidies can help families ensure that they have the resources they need to adequately care for their children, so a pre-adoptive family should try to obtain as much as possible. Of course, these subsidies are often negotiated, so it may be wise for those who are facing this issue to have a qualified legal professional by their side.

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