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What to do if someone is violating a family law order

Many people in Georgia are married and have children. While the couple is together, they generally make all the decisions regarding schedules, responsibilities around the home and how the relationship will work. However, if the couple splits, the court will probably get involved. In the divorce, a court will divide assets, make child custody determinations, parenting time decisions, child support decisions and many others.

After an order is issued, whether a person agrees with all the decisions, they must follow the order. However, not every person follows the orders.

Some do not pay their child support or do not allow the other parent to exercise their parenting time. Other times, they do not turn over assets or do not perform other acts they were ordered to do.

If the person violates the order, the other party can file a motion for contempt to enforce the order. A motion for contempt states how the person violated the order and what the other person would like as a punishment.

If a person is found in contempt, they may have to pay fines, for the other party's costs and attorney's fees associated with filing the motion and could even be ordered to serve jail time. Therefore, violating family law orders can have significant consequences.

People in Georgia violate family law orders for all sorts of reasons. Violating these orders can have detrimental effects on the other party who may not be receiving child support or may not be able to see their children. There are also serious consequences for those who violate the order as well. It is important to enforce the orders and experienced attorneys may be a useful resource.

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