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June 2017 Archives

Parenting time for parents who commit domestic violence

Parents in Georgia have a lot of influence on their children. That is why ensuring that the children are not endangered in a parent's care is so important. Children are like sponges in many respects, and how their parents treat them many times dictates how they will treat others as they grow older. It is also important that the children are not victims of and are not even exposed to domestic violence due to the impact it can have on children.

How the 'best interests of the children' is determined in court

When the courts make their decisions based on the best interests of the children, there are several factors that they take into consideration. The first thing they do is look at the relationship each parent has with each of their children. This is important because, when it comes to child custody, the courts want to make sure that there is minimal impact to the children.

What to do if someone is violating a family law order

Many people in Georgia are married and have children. While the couple is together, they generally make all the decisions regarding schedules, responsibilities around the home and how the relationship will work. However, if the couple splits, the court will probably get involved. In the divorce, a court will divide assets, make child custody determinations, parenting time decisions, child support decisions and many others.

You do not need to tackle divorce alone

Going through a divorce could be one of the most strenuous and stressful times in a person's life. Emotions inevitably run high, and you could feel overwhelmed with all the decisions that need to be made. Add to it family members and friends who may be well-intentioned but could be providing you with less than ideal advice, and you could make your situation worse.

Requirements to begin a Georgia stepparent adoption

People go through many changes throughout their lives. This is no different for parents. Sometimes, parents get divorced or were never married and split up. After, life does not end for the parents and many find new partners later down the road. Some will even remarry. Usually in these circumstances, the children will form bonds with stepparents over time, as they can be a big part of their lives.

How does domestic violence affect children?

Many people in Georgia settle their disputes through violence. This is not the best way to settle disputes though and that is why it is illegal. People who harm others can be charged with a number of different crimes depending on the severity of the violence used in a particular incident. This violence is used in confrontations with strangers as well as those who live in the same home as the perpetrator or are in a familial relationship with the victim.

Understanding the basics of alimony

People throughout the United States, including those living in and near Atlanta, Georgia, know that every person is unique, as is every relationship, whether it is a business relationship, friendship or married couple. In some situations, both spouses are able to work and juggle schedules to earn money for the family. With other families, one spouse earns money to support the family financially while the other spouse stays at home and either takes care of the housekeeping or cares for the children, or both.

How alimony is treated for tax purposes

When people get divorced in Georgia, they realize how many expenses they were able to share, which allowed them maintain their lifestyle. After a divorce, people need to start paying for their separate expenses, which can double their budget. However, most of the time, the people are still earning the same amount of money during the marriage as they are right after a divorce. Therefore, figuring out how to pay for these new expenses can be difficult.

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