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Confidentiality of divorce mediation in Georgia

There are many reasons that people in Georgia end up divorcing. Regardless of the reason, people need to divide their life together during the process. This means that they must determine which parent will have custody of the children, parenting time, child support, asset division and potentially, spousal support, among others. The process can go one of two ways. It can be contested in trial or the parties can work together to determine a fair resolution.

Many people have found that in the end, settling the issues is better than going to trial. However, in many instances, the parties are not in complete agreement. One option to assist people in this situation is divorce mediation.

This is a process where a third party mediator facilitates the negotiation process and assists the people in making agreements. To help ensure that this process is effective, the mediation process is that it is confidential.

The mediator must have the relevant information, so he or she can best assist. This includes the people involved being open and honest. Therefore, nothing that is discussed or disclosed in a mediation can be brought up later in the divorce or to people outside of the mediation.

The only exceptions to this rule is if the mediator needs to report a crime or an agreement is reached between the parties. But, only the agreement will be disclosed, not the information that led to the agreement.

Many people in Georgia get divorced each year. Eventually, everyone will reach a resolution, whether it is after a trial or through the agreements of the parties. Mediation is a confidential process, which can help assist people in reaching an agreement and be a good option for some. It is important to understand the law and what one may get, if they do not agree and experienced attorneys understand this.

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