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May 2017 Archives

When does a child's choice affect custody determinations?

As children grow up in Georgia, they become more mature and intelligent. They also start making decisions on their own, both good and bad. This can be frustrating for parents during a child's teenage years, but at the same time, as children get older, they have a better understanding of what works best for them. This is true whether the parents are together or not.

Statistics on domestic violence are alarming

A few weeks ago we mentioned Georgia's efforts to further protect victims of domestic violence by barring convicted offenders from owning or possessing firearms. Regardless of where you stand on the issue of gun control, the facts are alarming. For example, in 2014, according to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence, two thirds of all domestic violence incidents that ended in death involved a firearm. Furthermore, Georgia ranks ninth in the United States in domestic violence incidences of women killed by men. Overall, in 2013 there were nearly 30,000 victims who sought help at domestic violence service locations.

Child support basics in Georgia

When people in Georgia have children together, they soon realize that making sure that the children are fed, clothed, have a roof over their head and other costs add up quickly. The parents need to figure out how they are going to pay for the various things the child needs. Both parents contribute in some way though. This could be through both having jobs or one parent providing care for the child, while the other works. However, figuring out how to contribute to these costs becomes trickier when the couple is no longer together.

Adopted sisters unknowingly live near each other

There are many reasons that people in Georgia decide to adopt children. There are also many children not only in Georgia, but also around the world that are waiting to find a family to adopt them. Adoption can create loving families. And, it has great benefits for the children being adopted and for the parents who adopt the children. However, one part of the adoption process is that sometimes, biological siblings are adopted into different families.

Confidentiality of divorce mediation in Georgia

There are many reasons that people in Georgia end up divorcing. Regardless of the reason, people need to divide their life together during the process. This means that they must determine which parent will have custody of the children, parenting time, child support, asset division and potentially, spousal support, among others. The process can go one of two ways. It can be contested in trial or the parties can work together to determine a fair resolution.

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